Post Coolsculpting C-section Scar/adhesion Tear?

I have had 4 c-sections (post 5 yrs) resulting with lots of scar tissue and adhesions. Had coolsculpting done on my c-section pouch and hips. Post procedure pain in the fat area was normal (twinges, etc). But second day I experienced burning in the scar area, vaginal bleeding (for 1 week post procedure), and the pain on the scar is a 9. Can scar tissue rip and bleed? and if so will the bleeding resolve on its own? I have a hematoma on the right side now 8 days post procedure, scar still burning.

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Complications with coolsculpting for fat loss and c-section scar

this is a most unusual history. I am not aware of any cause and effect of external suction and internal bleeding but please immediately call your OBs office for a referral to a surgeon to work you up for some internal bleeding issue that might have been exacerbated by the suction on the internal scar tissue from the Csection.

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I have never heard of side effects like this with CoolSculpting. You need to seek medical attention immediately. 

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It is difficult to evaluate these issues and complications via a forum like this I would recommend you discuss these findings with your surgeon immediately.

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Coolsculpting and post procedure pain

Thank you for your question.  I am sorry to hear of your post procedure issues.  It is important that you visit the physician who performed your procedure for an examination.  I have not had any of my patients experience vaginal bleeding or a hematoma after the procedure.  Bruising can and frequently does occur but is usually superficial.  As for the pain you are experiencing around the scar, this is more common.  Some patients do feel some pain in the area of the scar greater than the surrounding areas.  This pain usually resolves in the first couple weeks if not sooner.  You will also feel tingling in the skin where your treatment was for up to 6 weeks or so.  I hope this helps.  Again, I recommend you schedule an appointment to see the physician who performed your procedure for an examination. Best wishes!  Dr. Vinyard

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