Post chin revision surgery, are there non surgical option or permanent fillers that can fix my implant if its too small?

I had a medpor chin implant with wings which made my face too wide. I got a revision surgery two days ago to shave it down. My surgeon shave down part of my wings without taking the implant out. Now after two days I already can tell the implant is slimmer but I can see a bump on my right side. Can this just be swelling? Or the capsule pocket my old wide implant left me there? If this never disappear after recovery do I have any non surgical choices to fix it such as permanent fillers?thank you!

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Post chin revision surgery,

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It is much too early to decide anything.  Please wait for a couple of months...the 'bump' may completely disappear.  If there is asymmetry, yes fillers are an option.  I don't suggest a permanent filler, but something like Radiesse will last a year or so.

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