Post Chemical Peel Problems. What Should I Do?

I had my first chemical peel 9 days ago at a dr's office. I experienced painful burning during the procedure but was told this was normal. Several days after I had bumps all over my face and neck with severe itching. 6 days after the procedure I had surface bruising exposing red capillaries. Dr prescribed prednisone which hasn't helped. Dr was amazed at the damage and said she's never seen this. I'm hoping for advise and worried this may be long term. Skin is still bright red and blotchy.

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Healing After Chemical Peeling

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What type of chemical peel was done? How was it applied? How long was it left on? Did your doctor give you wound care instructions?  It is impossible to answer your question without more information.  That being said, I do a lot of chemical peeling in my office, ranging from mild to very aggressive, and I have detailed pre- and post-peel skin care regimens that I have my patients follow which minimizes side effects. I suggest you get a second opinion from a board-certified dermatologist or facial plastic surgeon, experienced in chemical peeling.

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