What Are Some Post-breast Reduction Exercises That Should Be Done?

What do specific exercizes help prevent or improve after breast reduction?

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Exercises after breast reduction

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There are no excercises needed for after breast reduction.  Once healing is mostly complete 2-4 weeks after surgery, you may begin to work out.  Avoid high impact like running for six weeks and be sure to wear a good supportive sports bra.

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Post breast reduction exercises

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There are no exercises which will improve or speed the healing of a breast reduction. It is just important not to exercise too strenuously in ways which would affect the closure such as high impact aerobics or running until you've been cleared to do so by your plastic surgeon.

Post Breast Reduction Exercises

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It is important to avoid lifting your elbows for the first 2 weeks after reduction.  This helps minimize tension on your scars and may prevent widening of your scars. I recommend using 3M Micropore tape on your incisions for 12 months following surgery. Avoid working out for 3-4 weeks.

It is important to always wear a good support bra and avoid jogging type activities unless you "double bra".

Breast reduction, exercises

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I'm sorry but I really don't know what this question means. After you are appropriately healed you can follow any exercise program you enjoy. Any exercises that keep the muscles toned and keeps weight under control is fine. If you mean exercises for the breast itself, there are no exercises that affect the breast other than the volume of fat in the breast will increase or decrease with the rest of your body fat. As far as exercises that might keep the breasts from sagging, if that is your question, there are none. But you will definitely love how you feel after the surgery. Breast reduction patients are the happiest group in any plastic surgeon's practice!

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Breast reduction post-op exercise?

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Thank you for the question.

There are no specific exercises for the postop breast reduction patient. there will be a period of several weeks where you will NOT  be able to do strenuous exercise but after that period of time you may find that you will be able to return to all forms of exercise (carrying less weight on  your shoulders and neck). In  general, breast reduction surgery remains one of the most patient- pleasing operations we perform

I hope this helps.

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