Best Post Breast Reduction Bras

I had breast reduction surgery 1 week ago and am very pleased with the results. I went shopping for my 1st post-op bra and they measured me at a 40DDD. How can that be? I wore wrong size before but dr. said I was about an E cup. When I try on these bras they are too big.

Can you recommend a great bra to shape my breasts? The one I bought and started wearing is wire free but looks like a sports bra. Dr. said I need to get one with more shaping. Thanks!

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Bras after reduction

Every surgeon has different post-operative instructions for their patients to follow.  A prefer a non-wire bra until everything is healed well usually 2-3 months. 

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Post breast reduction bras

There are many different opinions for bra wear and it may depend on the technique used. In patients with an anchor incision, I generally avoid any bra for about 2 weeks and have patients wear a camisole with shelf bra to minimize irritation to the incision. However, in vertical type reductions, I prefer the use of an IPEX or Biofit type bra that provides uniform support over the entire lower pole of the breast wtih a protective dressing if necessary (i.e., telfa)

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Bra Shopping after Breast Reduction?

Thank you for the question.

I would suggest you wait at least 6 months before shopping for expensive bras. Your breasts will continue to change  for many months (and even up to a year)  after breast reduction surgery.

Enjoy the changes brought about by the breast reduction surgery.

Best wishes.

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