Post Breast Explantation Muscle Movement Seems Unnatural- Thoughts? (photo)

I've had my implants removed 3 months ago I don't regret the removal but my right breast does this pulling thing now (arrow in pic) when I flex my arm. I can move my chest withOUT flexing my arm like those bodybuilders and its kinda freaky because I can't with my left. I remember my right breast implant bottomed out before compared to the left and I couldn't pull my breast up like this before all the implants/explants. My right shoulder feels kinda loose as well. Any thoughts?

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Animation deformity after breast implant removal

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When breast implants are placed under the muscle using the dual plane technique, a portion of the pectoral muscle is cut where it attaches to the rib cage. The cut edge then heals into the scar capsule in front of the implant, which causes what are called animation deformities. These are actually quite common which is why I favor the split muscle technique to avoid that problem. When the implants are removed, the muscle is still attached to the scar capsule and can distort the breast as shown in the picture you posted. I have seen this a couple of times and it can be fixed by reattaching the muscle.

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Breast movement

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It sounds like the chest muscle on the affected side is adherent to the overlying breast tissue and is causing the problem.

Marc Schneider, MD
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Explantation of breast implant

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It sounds that you had breast implants under the muscle. Then explantation was done . but the muscle was not reattached to the chest wall. Now the muscle is abnormaly attached to the breast tissue and causes the abnormal movement.

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

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