Am I (post braces) a candidate for a gum lift procedure? (photo)

This has always been something I have been insecure about. After finding out about this surgery I had hope that it would help. But I'm not sure if I am eligible for the procedure.

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Gum lift

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You need to see a periodontist for evaluation 
xrays of your teeth will be needed to see if you only need gum lift or some bone recomtouring .  

from what your picture shows;
gum lift on its own will not be enough to correct your gummy smile 

Depending on what your expectations are. 

you might also need procedures such as ; 

lip repositioning surgery. Or a temporary fix with Botox 

these 2 procedures, will help with the hyper mobility of your upper lip when you smile , so you wont show as much gum tissue when you smile 

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Consult a Board-Certified Periodontist

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Thank you for your question and reaching out to this forum for answers. The best way to decide on a treatment plan for your gummy smile is to consult with an experienced, board-certified periodontist – a person who specializes in keeping gums healthy and looking their best. Based on your photo, it appears you could benefit from gum contouring combined with lip lowering – a procedure I helped pioneer. The lip lowering procedure only requires a local anesthetic, and it's an excellent alternative to more invasive surgery.

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