Post Bleph Ectropion. Need One Eye Repaired. Surgeons in Toronto Area Who Specialize in This? Cost?

Please don't tell me to massage it. The masseuse for the Olympic team is not bringing this back to life. It is not caused by too much skin cutting that much is apparent. When you push up gently on the corner of the eye it sits perfectly in place. One attempt at repair has been made by an eye tightening procedure, which brought the eyelid tight to the eye and somewhat up but it is still drooping. Are there surgeons who specialize in this type of repair in TO area? What is an estimated cost?

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I see a number of patients from your area for this.

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I am not saying you have to travel to see me.  What I am saying is that you are not going to find the right surgeon where you live to fix this issue.  The thing you are calling ectropion must not be repaired using standard ectropion methods.  While the lid margin is turned from the eye, technically making it an ectropion, this is not age related ectropion.  It is the results of denervation of the eyelid margin, it is from vertical and horizontal deficiency of the lower eyelid and scarring in the lower eyelid, all due to the blepharoplasty surgery.  Often lack of cheek bone projection contributes to this issue.  You are absolutely right that massage will not correct this.  "Tucking" the lower eyelid is also not going to fix the situation.  If fact any procedure that effectively shortens the eyelid will make the situation worse.  I find that well meaning repairs by inexperienced eyelid surgeons actually make it much more difficult to properly correct the situation.  Generally, unless there are issues with corneal exposure, it is best to let the eyelid heal for 6 to 12 months before having a definitive correction which generally involves a vertical elevation of the cheek with the help of a hard carved ePFTE orbital rim implant to recruit skin into the lower eyelid without using a skin graft and the use of a hard palate graft sewn in behind the eyelid to control the eyelid margin shape.  Please take your time finding the right surgeon.  Please be careful out there. 

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Can you post some pictures please?  It is difficult to comment or advise you without these.  When did you have your original surgery and your revision?


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