Post-ActiveFX Coverage for Men ... What Type of 'Makeup' or Other is Recommended?

I had a fullface op 3 days ago & gave myself 10 full days for downtime recovery. However, I am thinking that the pinkness will be very noticeable, esp since it was on my face & I am bald, so a clear line is visible between white-pate & pink-face. I don't really want to have to tell people I had Active FX & am thinking of saying I got bad sunburn on holiday. Is there anything I can use to either reduce pinkness of the facial-area or *increase* pinkness of the bald area, to blend it all in?

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Post Active FX Make Up

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Thank you for your question. A makeup with a green base seems to hide the pink best.  See a makeup place and they will guide you to several products to hide things until healing is complete.  It is usually a couple of weeks to 6 weeks for things to fill in and the color to subside. I have seen some last 6 months though. Avoid alcohol and extreme heat or cold and this will reduce increases in red flushing. I hope this helps!

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