Post Active FX Regimen?

I had this procedure done a week ako, and my doctor insists on putting Vitamin C Serum on the face at least twice a day, beginning with the day of the procedure. He says it's the only way to heal the skin with proper result. I tried, but I found it painful and hardly did anything to improve my condition. What would be the usual recommended post-procedure regimen for Active FX?

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Post Fractional CO2 laser resurfacing Regimen

While Vitamin C serum may not be a bad idea after Fractional CO2 laser resurfacing such as Active Fx, it should be postpone until 4 weeks afterwards after the wound healing is complete as it may be excessively irritating even within 2 weeks after the procedure. Make sure you seek out an experienced board-certified dermatologist who can customize post-op fractional co2 laser regimen depending on your skin type, tendency to hyperpigment or have facial redness, whether or not you are acne prone. Emollient application and sun protection are keys to post-op care for at least few weeks.

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