Post 18 days ptosis and upper blepharoplasty surgery; is it still swollen or do I need revision? (Photos)

Is my ptosis surgery a failed one. Its almost 3 wks since my surgery. Im seeing one eye big n one eye small. Why is it this way? Is it still swollen or i need a revision? If revision pls tell me when i can do it? Any alternative other than surgery, im so scare to go thru another surgery now. Originally my eyes were better than this.

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Still swollen

Significant swelling is normal and to be expected after Asian eyelid surgery, especially if an incisional technique was used.  Once the initial swelling resolves in 1-3 months the crease (if properly created during surgery) should become better defined.

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Do I need a revision of my eyelid plastic surgery?

Swelling at this point, for your type of eyelid surgery is normal, and I do not see any need for concern based on your photos. Discuss your concerns with your surgeon.

Jeffrey M. Joseph, MD
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