What Can Possibly Be Wrong with my Mother's Saline Implant? One Is Hanging down With Pain.

My mother had saline implants done in 2003 & in the past 48 hours she has been experiencing pain in her left breast especially when she lays on her left side. She claims it doesnt feel like it's in the same place anymore. Her left breast hangs more than the right & she also mentioned that it is softer than the right. In 2013 she should be getting them re-done ; what should she do? What can possibly be wrong with my mothers saline implant?

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Implant issues

It is difficult to say what is wrong with your mother's implants without an exam.  If one is much lower than the other, it  can be from the pocket enlarging or the tissues becoming lax. Really tough to say without an exam.

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Whats Wrong with Breasts?

Thank you for the question.

It sounds like your mother should pay a visit to her plastic surgeon in the near future. Recent onset pain,  8 years after breast  augmentation,  suggests the presence of encapsulation (capsular contracture). Her plastic surgeon will be able to make the diagnosis and offer treatment plan.

You mentioned that “re-do"  surgery is planned in 2013;  most plastic surgeons would agree that exchanging implants every 10 years is only necessary if there is a problem that needs to be addressed.

I hope this helps.

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