Kate Moss Look: Is It Possible to File Down Teeth?

Is there a way I can have my teeth perfected, maybe filed down to look like Kate Moss'? That youthful look so to speak. I hope someone out there understands.

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Yes, Enamel recontouring  is a common painless procedure to shape teeth for better esthetic results.  Amount of reduction depends on how much enamel is present. If too much reshaping is indicated then veneers may be a better option.

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Can You File Down Teeth for Cosmetics

I would love to see a picture of your teeth, but the answer to your question is that you can file teeth down for cosmetic reasons.  This is called enamel recontouring.  We can reshape the corners of your teeth with a fine disc to give you a more rounded, youthful look.  The key with this is to be conservative and not remove too much enamel.  

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Teeth can be filed for cosmetic reasons

Yes, you can. Cosmetic enamel recontouring is a procedure which is usually quick and painless, providing immediate improvements. once this is accomplished, I give the patient flouride gel to surface harden the freshly exposed enamel.

Keep in mind this is only for minor adjustments. In cases of severe adjustments, veneers are usually indicated.

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