Possible Effect of Fraxel Laser on Acne Cyst?

I am a 40 yr old woman who is scheduled for my first Fraxel Restore treatment on Feb 11, for acne scars. Accutane kept my skin cyst-free for about 20 years, until I developed a large cyst 2 months ago. It was injected by a Derm PA in mid December. It improved somewhat, but I am left with a firm and non-fluctuant .5cm raised nodule.

What are the possible effects of Fraxel on this acne cyst? I'm thinking of two possible scenarios: a. break up the wall of the cyst, which can either speed resolution or empty contents and cause more scarring; b. increase cyst size by increasing sebum production. Thanks for any opinion on this.

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Effect of Fraxel re:store on Large Acne Cyst

Hi Corrine,

Fraxel restore will not likely affect an acne cyst as you describe. It will not either break up the cyst or increase sebum production. The nodule may need to be re-injected in a few weeks, or excised. I have seen some patients stay free of active acne for now one year after their series of Fraxel restore. Good luck with your treatments, and be patient.

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