Possibility of Corrective Surgery for Congenital Deformation?

My right face (the affected side)is significantly asymmetric with the left side of face due to some complication during my mom's pregnancy,and no corrective step has been taken.The right side is much smaller than the left,and the right eye has a different contour than left. I do not have any significant physical problem other than I found slight functional restriction at right sided muscles(like I can't raise my right eye brow).What can I expect from surgery to correct/lessen the deformities?

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Facial asymmetry

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Facial asymmetry present since birth is most consistent with a spectrum of disorders called hemifacial microsomia.  This is often associated with facial paralysis, which explains the weakness you have with your brow.  There are procedures that can be done to help with your concerns.  I recommend that you be evaluated by a surgeon who has an interest and specialty training in diseases of facial development, such as a facial plastic surgeon or craniofacial surgeon.

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Facial deformity

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Not being able to raise the right brow means there is a problem with the frontal branch of the facial nerve. Combines with a facial deformity  then you need a full evaluation by a cranio-facial plastic surgeon to diagnose the problem exactly then plan on a course of treatment

Samir Shureih, MD
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