Possibility of Reconstructive Surgery for Congenital Eye Deformity

Due to some problems during my mom's pregnancy I was born with facial deformity,specially my right eye is significantly misaligned with my left eye;and thanks to the specialist who informed my parents it will be corrected automatically,so no corrective procedure has been taken.Is it possible to reduce/correct the deformity/asymmetry of my right eye?(I have normal vision in both eyes).

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Eye deformity

From this photo it is difficult to tell what the deformity is - more photos and specifics would help answer your question.  Are you referring to an ocular misalignment?  In the photo you are looking up  - a photo with you looking straight ahead may be more helpful.  You would benefit from evaluation of an oculoplastic surgeon or if one is not available in your area, an ophthalmologist who may help pinpoint the problem and direct you to an appropriate reconstructive surgeon.

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Eye deformity

You need to get a diagnosis first. The picture posted is not enough to make a correct diagnosis.

Have a complete ophthalmology work up. Also see a craniofacial surgeon for evaluation

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