What Positions Are Best for Recovery After Multiple Procedures?

I am having breast-lift (without augmentation), liposuction and Brazilian butt-lift all at the same time this summer. I know that I shouldn't sit on the buttocks for at least two weeks, but I'm also not supposed to squash my breasts, so do I have to lie on my side for weeks? What do I need to avoid during recovery from all of these procedures?

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Recovery After Multiple Plastic Surgery Procedures

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As more people are having multiple plastic surgery procedures simultaneously the recovery process is become more complicated and difficult. Most important thing to understand is that each procedure that you are having done is a surgery, and surgery is a serious matter with respect to the procedure itself as well as its recovery. Risks of surgery increase signicicantly with multiple procedures. There are certain procedures that can not be done at the same time because of the conflicts with recovery. For example, I do not perform breast augmentation and buttock agumentation at the same time. The reason is that during buttock augmentation recovery you have to lay on your abdomen/ chest, and not even on your sides. On the contrary, with breast augmentation you have to lay semireclined and on your back for several nights. Therefore, these to procedures can not be done at the same time unless you do'nt care about comprmising your results or increasing the risk of having complications!

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