Uneven Eyes and Possible Eyelid Ptosis After Canthopexy and Malar Fat Transfer? Should I Be Worried? (photo)

Even there is much swelling i´m worried and my gut feeling tells me that this didnt go well. My ps said that i suffered from a deformity in the orbital region and that i had very mild symptoms of Treacher Collins (antimongoloid slant).To improve the droopy eye look he did a suspension of the outer corners of the eyes (is it canthopexy?) and fat infiltration in the Infraorbital Region.Seems to me like nothing changed and my eyes seem more uneven now and one eyebrow seems ptotic.Is it normal?

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Cosmetic Surgery is an Art and a Science

Thank you for your question. After many years of practice, I realize everyone's eyelids are different. You will need a few months to see the final result. Be patient .  Thomas Narsete Austin, Tx 

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Eyelid Issues

It is too difficult to determine if anything is wrong at this stage. Should allow for all the swelling and bruising to resolve and then reevaluate your situation.  It may turn out just fine.

Dr. ES

Too early to panic!

I would say that his initial evaluation of your lateral canthus position [outside corner of the eyes being lower-i.e. antimongoloid slant] is correct.

But changing that shape will change the way you look, and I always warn patients to consider that surgery very cautiously.

However, the most important thing to stress right now, is that based on your photos, it is quite difficult for us to recognize what the potential outcome will be.

I would urge you to be patient, and even if you are unhappy with the results, I would not jump to revision surgery quickly. Wait at least 3-4 months for the results to settle, and even then, if revision is required, I often wait another 3 months to allow scarring to soften.

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