Mammary gland growth after surgery? (Photo)

I had a surgery to my both breasts. In the right breast (that was really worse than the left) they extracted 15g of gland+lipo, and on the left breast only 3g no lipo.after surgey I immediately started the lymphatic drainage. 1st month:everything ok. Started the gym.2nd month: From a day to anther started to feel a lump behind the lft nipple, first just a small lump and days after it started to grow from the left part of the nipple to the right part.and has grown til now (6months after)

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What to Expect Post Gynecomastia Surgery & Lasting Effects

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Following #Gynecomastia #surgery, your incisions will go through a maturation #process. For the first few months they will be red and possibly raised and/or firm. As the scar matures, after 6-12 months, it becomes soft, pale, flat, and much less noticeable. You may experience numbness, tingling, burning, “crawling”, or other peculiar sensations around the surgical area. This is a result of the #healing of tiny fibers which are trapped in the incision site. These symptoms will disappear. Some people are prone to keloids, which is an abnormal scar that becomes prominent. If you or a blood relative has a tendency to keloid formation, please inform the doctor.

Bruising and #swelling are normal and usually increase slightly after the removal of any tape or foam. The bruising will decrease over 3-4 weeks, but may last as long as 6 weeks. The majority of the swelling will be gone within the first 3-4 weeks. However, it may take 6-9 weeks to disappear completely. 

Also, as you heal, the area may feel “lumpy” and irregular. This, too, decreases with time, and massaging these areas will help soften the scar tissue. The #compression garment helps reduce the swelling, and the longer it is worn, the more quickly you will #heal. It can also assist in the retraction of the skin. If you have any concerns about #healing, its best to ask questions of your surgeon or their nursing staff.

The #recurrence of breast enlargement is uncommon following #gynecomastia surgery.
However, it can occur. If this happens, you may require further surgery in the future.
Each patient is unique and previous #results are not a guarantee for individual outcomes. As with all cosmetic surgery, results will be rewarding if expectations are realistic. With any surgical procedure, there are some risks which your doctor will discuss with you during your consultation

Recurrence of gynecomastia

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It is possible for breast to continue growing after reduction if the cause of gynecomastia (there are over 150 causes of gynecomastia) persists. However, suboptimal breast reduction is most frequently the reason for persistent deformity.

You should discuss with your surgeon options for treatment including revision surgery. Good luck.

Zoran Potparic, MD
Fort Lauderdale Plastic Surgeon
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Is a recurrence possible with treatment of gynecomastia?

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Recurrence of breast tissue after gynecomastia is very unusual but possible. The nipple and areola complex itself is breast tissue and can give rise to a very small recurrence. Generally this can be removed with local anesthesia.

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