Eye Shape Problem? (photo)

Since a little kid my eyes became increasingly droopy (imagine Stallone's eyes or droopy the dog) which gives me a sad, tired (sleepy) and emotionless look all the time.It became worse with age (i'm 36) and due to a recent strabismus exotropia surgery on my left eye that didnt worked out (instead of centering the eye moved the eye inwards).I was wondering if my problem is due to eyelid ptosis, cantopexia or just my eye shape that doesnt help.i have an appointment with ps and need insight.thanks

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Eyelid surgery for droopy eyes

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After looking at your pictures, I recommend some amount of eyebrow shaping- either surgical or non-surgical.  You need to lift the lateral aspect of your brows and upper eyelids.  For your lower eyelids, seek out an experience plastic surgeon or oculoplastic surgeon.  In my hands you would likely get a canthopexy or canthoplasty to raise the outer corner of your eyes.  Best Wishes!!

How Do I Fix My Sad Looking Eyes?

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An in person physical exam with a Board Certified plastic surgeon experienced in eyelid surgery is an absolute must to determine what procedure or combination of procedures are necessary to improve the downward tilt of the outside of your eye (the laterial canthal area).

All that being said, I believe the ligament at the outside of your eye nearest the ear inserts too low on your lateral orbital bone.  Disconnecting that ligament, moving it upward, and wiring it just a few millimeters higher would improve the cant of your eye and make you look happier.  An alternate solution might be a lateral muscle sling from your lower eyelid to your upper eyelid.  This would also get rid of some of the darkness in your lower eyelid.  It also appears that the horizontal length of your lower eyelid may be too great, and tightening of that area might give you an improvement in the appearance of your eyes. 

Another alternate solution may be placement of cheek implants (malar implants) which would go a long way towards improving your overall appearance and may negate the necessity to change the positioning of your lateral canthal ligament. 


You have a negative intercanthal angle

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The outer corners of your eyes are lower than the inner corners, so the opening between the upper and lower eyelids slants down at the outside. . That is what gives your eyes a sad or different look. That can be corrected surgically. If the plastic surgeon does not offer surgery, you might visit a cosmetically oriented  oculoplastic surgeon.

Jeffrey Schiller, MD
Edison Oculoplastic Surgeon
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