Why Do Canthopexies Sometimes Recidive? (photo)

Had my revision canthopexy to correct anti mongoloid slant done 2 days ago along with malar fat transfer due to malar hypoplasia. Had this same procedure done February and i wasnt happy.PS asked me if i smoke which i dont and he said fixation or tightening may give way before the healing process is completed and lower eyelid will acquire the same characteristics it had before surgery.I was left with the same droopy the dog look with addition of a nodule (knot) on my right eye.why this happens?

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Canthal angle

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I find it difficult to fill the cheeks and raise the canthi simultaneously. I would recommend a drill hole canthoplasty in your case at a time different than when the malar area is being grafted. These comments are obviously made without examining you, which is required for a complete opinion.

Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon

Canthoplasty Needed Instead of Canthopexy

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It usually requires a formal canthoplasty (changing the position of the lateral canthus on the inner orbital bone) to change the position of the corner of the eye to a ore upward position.  A canthopexy only involves tightening the existing tendon attachment and would not be effective for trying to correct an anti-mongoloid slant...as your results illustrate.

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