Portrait or Fraxel Repair for Rough Textured Skin?

I'm a 64 yrs old with rough textured skin on chin and age spot on forehead. I'm thinking of Portrait or Fraxel Re:pair but the online complaints or poor results and pain have me questioning?

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Laser resurfacing

It is not possible to see your age spot on the forehead. What is seen is a hollowing in the mid cheeks which causes the smile folds to deepen as the cheek falls against it, and the jowls are starting to drop. Neither the Fraxel Re:pair or Portrait will give you a face-lift look. Pan facial volume augmentation will help the droopiness and can improve texture of the overlying skin. Then reassess your condition and see if you want skin resurfacing for sunspots and fine lines. There is a risk of scarring with both Portrait and Fraxel Re:pair. It is very important to consult with an experienced physician. The Portrait gives a more natural appearance sooner, usually within two to four weeks, healed by seven days normally. The Fraxel Re:pair will cause redness for several weeks, healed by four to 12 days. The Fraxel Re:pair allows the physician to dial in settings that can increase the depth of treatment so different laser providers can give different results and the specific settings they use can contribute to a higher or lower risk for complications such as pigmentation concerns and scarring.

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