Blotchy Skin, Burns, and Itching After Portrait on Chest

I had Fraxel Repair on my face, Active FX on my neck, and Portrait Plasma on my chest 3 days ago. I got what I expected on my face and neck, but my chest is very blotchy, dark red, has burns, and itches. I have been doing the soaks and vasaline as instructed. How long will it take for my chest will take to look normal? Will it ever look normal again without scarring?

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See your doctor

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You must see your doctor to ensure that your healing is on schedule. They need to evaluate what you mean by “burns”. It’s normal to be blotchy, both red and brown and itching is common. But if there is a bright red very itchy firm area, this could be a situation that warrants attention to prevent scarring. The chest has a higher risk of scarring than the face. Portrait Plasma works very well for most patients and you may not have any problem to worry about but please call your doctor to be seen in the next few days.

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