Will my teeth move if I get a molar extracted and wait a year to get the implant put in?

I'm getting my #19 molar tooth extracted, but I'm about to turn 26 so I need to get my own insurance. When you start a new plan, they won't cover major dental procedures until 12 months after you start the plan so I'm going to have to wait until next Sept (a year from when I will get the tooth out). I'm worried that my other teeth will begin to shift and I will have problems with my mouth and potential bone loss as well. Need some advice on whether I can wait that long to get an implant or not!

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Tooth movement before implant placement

After an extraction it is common for teeth to shift if there is nothing to hold them in place.  This varies among individuals so it's hard to say just how much shifting will occur.  There are temporary solutions to help keep your teeth from shifting and your dentist should be able to help you with that.  Unfortunately, most dental insurance companies will consider any extractions prior to getting the policy a pre-existing condition and not help you with the cost of the implant.

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