Spontaneous surgical wound reopening s/p Breast reduction 2.5 months with white rounds in it? (photos)

Spontaneous surgical wound reopened s/p 2.5 mo BR, began with seeming disappearance of scar tissue; after three days, it burst without undue force upon waking. I am concerned with the white, solid, jelly-like substance within. Is this infection? Fat? The b/l tissue has been pink-red since surgery, so not sure if it's inflamed. I have healed well til now without complications. Have PS f/u in 5 days, but wondering if I should go sooner. Treating with non-stick gauze and neosporin. Thank you!

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2.5 months post-op

and your wound opens... it could be from many issues but is most likely due to a spitting suture.  Your surgeon can tell you whether or not it was.  The whitish material is most likely compromised tissue that will slough and your wound should heal with TLC.  In the absence or symptoms or progressive, spreading redness, you can wait for your appointment but if you're really concerned, call your surgeon for their advice.

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