Sinus surgery after effects

I had sinus surgery, the ENT doctor, made the sinus drainage holes four times larger. Three months, later I feel like I'm getting so much air in my sinuses it feels odd, my sinuses feels so dry, it literally feels like inflammation . My frontal sinus, on the right side gets dry I get pain in the area like a headache, but pain it goes away if I breathe though my mouth ! Strangely, It feel like I'm not getting enough air. Is my best hope that scar tissue will form to make the drainage holes smaller?

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Dry nose after nasal surgery

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If your nose feels dry you may have had your inferior turbinates reduced or removed. There is a syndrome called "dry nose syndrome" that will cause you to feel obstructed even if your nose is wide open. You may be able to get decent results in very moist regional areas of the country, like where you live. You can always get a second opinion.

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