Side breast pain after Breast Reduction - 10 days post-op, is this normal?

Went from a 38 GG to a B/C. I am having pretty significant side breast pain. Feels like someone punched me in the ribs like a deep bruise. Ibuprofen helps slightly. I have a decent post surgical bra that keeps riding up. I ordered another one on line that sits more down onto my belly hoping this helps? My incision sites seem fine. I do have swelling to the sides but the bruising is almost all gone. No liposuction. It feels better if I wear the ace bandage around my chest. Is this common?

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Breast pain after reduction

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What you are  experiencing is very common. Most innervation comes from the lateral side of the breast.  As swelling resolves some of these nerves cause quite a bit of pain. 

Massage this area will help with the swelling as well as the nerve pain. 

Wearing a supportive bra that sits properly helps hold in the swelling and generally feels better. This is great to wear during the day and maybe something slightly looser for nighttime.

 Pain generally subsides as the weeks pass getting better every day. If the pain is not resolving make sure to contact your PS.

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