How to get rid of extra fat on my "mons pubis"? (photos)

I'm 5'9" and I weigh 140. So I am not over weight I have always have a little bit of extra fat there tho. I have always been on the skinnier side so it stands out more. You can see it when I wear leggings, in a baithong suit or anything tight it has always bothered me and I'm very self conscious about it because it doesn't look feminine to me. Some of the pictures I have seen are more extreme than mine so I am curious if it would even be possible to make it smaller and with what surgery?

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How to get rid of extra fat on my "mons pubis"?

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Your best bet would be to get traditional suction assisted liposuction of the lower abdomen/mons. This would help remove the excess fat and give you a better shape. You are correct in stating that you do not have an extreme distortion but if you are looking for some improvement, liposuction should help. Good luck!

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