Rhinoplasty surgeon in Mexico be a good idea? Dangers? Cons?

I got recommended to see a rhinoplasty surgeon in Los Cabos, his work seems good, but the real question is, what are the reasons on not to go to a surgeon outside the US? Are there real dangers? Do they do the rhinoplasty procedure differently? Why is a surgeon within the US better than the ones outside? Thanks!

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There is a reason why all surgeons want to train in the US.  That's because everyone wants to get the best results.  US surgeons are trained appropriately and we are trained to take care of our patients.  If you go out of the country, who will see you if there is a complication?  Yes there are dangers.   Stay in the US.   That's my two cents worth!Good luck!

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Rhinoplasty is one of the hardest operations to perform correctly in the entire field of cosmetic surgery, so as very important to choose  your surgeon based on extensive experience with the procedure.  The postoperative follow-ups are just as important as the surgery, so it also very important to make sure you have follow up appointments with  your operative surgeon in Mexico.  In our practice, we have seen disastrous results from surgery performed in Mexico, and patients have no recourse.  Performing a revision rhinoplasty in the United States will cost much more in the long run.  In our practice, we perform rhinoplasty under general anesthesia by a board certified physician anesthesiologist for patient safety and comfort.  The surgery is also performed licensed and Medicare certified outpatient surgery center.  These strict guidelines are not available to the consumer in Mexico

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