Will I need another revision? (Photo)

I had a revision surgery on 8/31/16 to fix rippling issues on saline implants. I had loved the actual shape of my breasts and wanted them to look quite similar after the revision. I went from 450cc salines to 565cc Sientra textured rounds. My new breasts are two round firm balls on my chest and I hate the way they look. Do you think they will drop enough to look like my breasts did with the saline, or will I need an additional surgery to get back my natural shape I had before.

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So when you initially discussed your wishes and desired with your surgeon prior to undergoing the revision, there must have been some talk about increasing the site of your implant or possibly performing a lift. It appears your surgeon and you elected to upsize your implants while filling out the slightly loose skin envelope you had. IF it was your desire to get rid of the ripples but maintain the exact same breast size/shape, you and your surgeon should have likely simply swapped out your saline for a similar sized silicone of the same profile and not upsized 115cc. The implant you have in currently will drop some, but will not likely drop and look like your old breasts. This is not a matter of saline or silicone, it is a matter of volume(size) and profile of your current implants.

Postop size and shape

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Thank you for your question.   Final implant size and shape may  not be seen for several more weeks to months.  From the pictures included you still have some swelling of the breasts.  The soft tissue needs to relax and the implants will then settle.   If you are still unsatisfied, than a revision may be required if you are unhappy with your final shape and size but try to be patient before rendering your final verdict.  Best of luck.

Too soon to tell

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Being only a week or so after surgery, and having played a larger implant thanwas there before, it may take several weeks if not months for the overlying soft tissues to stretch enough to accommodate this larger size implant. At that point, you can then decide if they're still too much of a pole fullness. Best of luck.

Will I need another revision?

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I am sorry to hear about your concerns after the revisionary breast surgery. As you likely know, it is too early to evaluate the long-term outcome of the procedure performed. Having said that, if you do not like the "rounder" look, it is possible that additional surgery will be necessary to achieve an outcome you will be happier with. You will need to be careful that you do not undergo further surgery only to have concerns about breast implant rippling/palpability again. At this point I would suggest ongoing patience; evaluate the outcome of procedure performed six months from now. Best wishes.

Switch to saline

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I have multiple patients who made the decision to switch to silicone only to be disappointed in exactly the same way.  They have been switched back to saline as you suspected.

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