How to prevent further damage?

My right breast appears to be bottoming out, however with my surgeon 2,000 miles away I've been trying to get into one closer to where I now live. I am 3 1/2 years post op and 300 ccs. I would like to know other than wearing an underwire bra what else can i do to prevent imfurther damage? Can I still run and go rock climbing as long as I wear a sports bra?

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Bottoming out

If the “bottoming out” has already started, it will continue.However, you can delay it by having a good support bra.If the inframammary fold is weak, it will more than likely get weaker.

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Breast implant bottoming out

Hello and thanks for the question.

I commend you for looking for a plastic surgeon closer to home to be evaluated.  This is obviously the best way to determine if your implant truly is bottoming out and what if any intervention is warranted.  If you originally had an incision underneath the breast and it is beginning to migrate up, that would be an indicator that your implant is indeed moving down.  Any impact activity (running, jumping, etc) can put stress on the implant support and lead to further bottoming out over time.  If the implant was placed underneath the muscle, an overly contractile pectorals muscle might also push the implant down.  A supportive garment would certainly help matters.  Hope this helps and that you are able to find a surgeon nearby who can assist further.     

Charles Galanis, MD
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Bottoming out

An underwire bra can help and exercises that place undue tension either from bouncing or pectoralis muscle contraction certainly have the possibility of aggravating a bottomed out implant. You can check for bottoming out with the following test.  If it uppears that the incision was made in the crease is riding up towards the nipple that is a telltale sign of bottoming out. I would try and find another board-certified plastic surgeon closer to you to give you some options on repair. Good luck. 

Marc J. Salzman, MD, FACS
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When concerned about bottoming out

you can confirm this by measuring the distance between your nipple and fold and if progressively increasing, you are bottoming out.  I wouldn't anticipate it occurring this late in your procedure and you could simply have normal stretching of your tissues that is creating this appearance.  Regardless, you ask what can you do to minimize its progression and if yours are under the muscle, rock climbing or any attempt to strengthen your chest muscles is not helping as the muscle will help push the implant down and out.  Wearing supportive bras with anything bouncy and strenuous is also helpful and recommended.  You should consider seeing a local plastic surgeon with whom you can continue your follow-ups with and who can address any of your concerns.

Curtis Wong, MD
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