Performing a BBL and BA

I'm scheduled for a breast augmentation in a few weeks. I recently gained interest in BBL, but concerned on how I can get these two surgerys done at the same time due to limited time off work. Is this dangerous? Hard recovery? How much (on average) do you think I would be saving by performing these together? Does the cost change per amout of lipo I get? (Generally speaking) I don't have a lot of fat, & I don't have unrealistic expectations. I just want to appear curvy.

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Performing a BBL and BA

Its not a good idea I would say .There would be problem of positioning after surgery. Brazilian breast lift requires  prone position for several weeks and breast will be a problem . You say , you have limited time for recovery. Breast implants have much sorter recovery time than BBL . So there is no point combining them .

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Two procedures

If you are already scheduled for a BBA then you shouldnt need a BBL. If a BBL had been right for you to consider to have a good outcome than you shouldnt be doing a BBA alone.

Yes there are usually savings in doing things together as opposed to separately. Cost will change with the amount of things done as well.

A breast lift in addition to an augmentation should not result in any more time off work. You will have more incision length which increased healing issues that may come up, but the post op recovery time is essentially the same.

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BBL and BA

Thank you for your question. I do not usually recommend those too surgeries be performed together due to the positioning required. Other surgeons may have different opinions. Most surgeons offer a discount when multiple procedures are performed. I cannot comment on how much of a discount. If you do not have a lot of fat the BBL may not be the best procedure for you. Buttocks implants work very well. The cost of surgery will vary depending on surgeon experience. Best of luck

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BBL and BA

Thank you for your question! Generally having procedures done on the back and front of your body, it best to space them out for optimal recovery.

However, the best way to give true advice would be an in person exam and consultation. Please see a board certified plastic surgeon that specializes in aesthetic and restorative body surgery.

Best of luck!
Dr Schwartz

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