Nipples too high? (Photos)

I had a slight tuberous breast deformity and decided after I was done with babies to have them fixed. In 2011 I had a lift with implants. I had smooth round gel moderate profile. 250 and 300. This time I went with Mentor contour (gummy bear) gels 340 and 390. I'm so in love with them but worried they'll drop more and my nipples will raise more? I've heard the anatomical implants don't drop as much. I'm 5 ft 110 lbs.

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Nipples too high?

The short answer is that your nipples look very well positioned.  The long answer is that you look great for just one week after surgery and you should stop fretting about what could happen but likely will not.  Make sure you keep all of your follow-up appointments with your surgeon! 

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Healing after breast surgery for tuberous

You have an awesome result.The ultimate goal is to achieve improved breast shape and symmetry as best as is possible given the starting anatomy. Realistic goals and expectations are important, as in all surgery. It is common that more than one operation is required and the breast shape will change even during the first few months after surgery. Healing This will depend on the procedures used and can be found in the sections on Breast Augmentation, Breast Lift, and Breast Reduction. Insurance Although this is technically a reconstructive operation by definition, many insurance companies will unfortunately and unreasonably have specific exclusions in their guidelines.

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If your contoured implants heal

as designed, you will minimal movement of your breast tissue over your implant.  Your early results look great.  Follow your surgeon's instructions and contact him/her if you should develop any questions or concerns.

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Nipples too high after b least implant revision surgery

It appears you had an excellent surgery for a very complex problem.I wouldn't worry about a complication happening until it actually does-- life is too short to worry unnecessarily!

Brent Moelleken, MD
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