What to do about loosened vagina?

My vagina has become very lax and gaping. My husband can easily fit his entire hand in without any effort. He does not feel anything inside and to have sex we usually need to put in a rather large vibrator for friction, along with his penis.

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What to do about significant vaginal widening/laxity??

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Your diminished sensation, laxity,"droopiness" and appearance concerns CAN BE FIXED! An EXPERIENCED genital plastic/cosmetic surgeon who SPECIALIZES in repair of the pelvic floor,doing a sexually-reflective muscle-approximating aesthetic repair will help you
with your concerns! A standard "A-P repair" will not accomplish the
sexual and aesthetic help you wish; this will require a 3-4 layer, vaginal
size-minimizing, muscle-approximating sexually mindful repair. This truly is NOT your
",,,friendly local gynecologist " who is not trained in these type of
structural, tightening & cosmetic repairs. Ideally, (as I do in my
office in Davis, CA), this can be done IN THE OFFICE under local anesthesia,
avoiding the trauma and hassle of a hospital OR and a general anesthetic. It's about the pelvic floor stretching, muscular and pelvic floor damage frequently
afflicted by childbirth in many individuals. This will unfortunately not be
covered by insurance & if you want it done right you'll need to see a
specialist in these kinds of careful layered sexually savvy repairs. See the
right "Cosmetic Gynecologist, EXPERIENCED in vaginoplasty/perineoplasty
tightening repairs. Just tell her or him what you've said here- you won't have
to "convince" anything. But, believe me, the only type of vaginal
repairs covered by insurance of any type is a partial repair that will NOT
accomplish the strength and aesthetics you desire.
Nothing wrong with inserting a vibrator along with a penis. "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" is my philosophy. I agree with the answers supplied by the other commentators. If however you wish to have your lax pelvic floor structurally rebuilt, see a gynecologist or urogynecologist who SPECIALIZES in these sexually-specific repairs. you may have to "travel" to fine the right surgeon, but in my opinion it will be worth it!
Michael P Goodman, MD
Davis, CA, USA

My husband can fit his hand inside?

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Well the good news is that you have given birth and are a mother.  The bad news is that women suffer more in life than men do because of the challenges of motherhood.  What you describe is damage to your vagina because of having large babies.  It is likely you will need to have surgery at some point.   I would see a urogynecologist and cosmetic gynecologist for consultation.  You may need to have bladder repair and repair of pelvic organ prolapse along with vaginal tightening.

Vaginal laxity

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i think the most appropriate recommendation is to be evaluated by a gynecologist who is trained in pelvic floor dysfunction. There are so many new techniques available now including lasers and physical therapy that it would be worth your while to investigate all of your options.

Large vagina can accommodate hand

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If your husbands whole hand can fit inside your vagina most likely you need both  rejuvenation and reconstruction.   The only way you will know is to be assessed by a surgeon who is well versed in both reconstruction and vaginal rejuvenation.   Rejuvenation is really a cosmetic/function type problem and reconstruction is not.   What is vaginal rejuvenation?  Vaginal rejuvenation really means the internal tightening of the vagina and tightening of the vaginal opening usually to enhance friction for intercourse.   In experienced hands this surgery is approximately 85-90% successful as defined by the patient ( i.e. she is satisfied with the enhancement of friction during the act of intercourse 12 months after surgery).   There are only 4 papers written on this topic and my partner, Dr Moore and I are co-authors of two of these papers.    This surgery is usually accomplished by performing posterior vaginal wall surgery ( known as a posterior repair and coupling this with a levator muscle plication) + a vaginal opening repair known as a perineoplasty.   This requires experience, expertise, and good knowledge of  the pelvic floor.      Patients who have had multiple childbirths may need more than just tightening procedure they actually need vaginal reconstruction. 
What is vaginal reconstruction?  Vaginal reconstruction is what most urogynecologist have been trained to do...to reconstruct the vagina to give the support back and this does NOT focus on tightening the vagina. Reconstruction is for the restoration of the anatomy and also to fix things like urine and fecal leakage or retention.  The urogyencologist has extensive training and is the most experienced of all surgeons in operating on the relaxed vagina.  The second most experienced surgeon for vaginal reconstruction would be the gynecologist.  The urogyn  is trained by first spending  4 years in a residency in obstetrics and gynecologic surgery and instead of going out to practice they then tspend 3 more years of subspecialty training in vaginal reconstruction or the rebuilding of the vagina (when it falls down aka vaginal prolapse - see the next few paragraph for an explanation).  Plastic surgeons, dermatologists, an family practice doctors who have perform cosmetic vaginal surgery do little concept of vaginal reconstruction.  They are not trained in residency to do vaginal surgery nor have they spent 7 years learning vaginal reconstructive surgery like a urogynecologist.  In fact I do not know of any plastic surgical residency in the nation who dedicates more than a few months to training their resident on vaginal surgery.    Vaginal Prolapse is basically the same as the vagina falling down and each area of the vagina which falls has its own descriptive name" Uterine prolapse - the uterus is falling down into the hollow of the vagina and towards the opening of the vagina in severe conditions the uterus can actually fall  out of the vaginal opening and it hangs between a womans legs.  Cystocele - the deeper portion of the ceiling of the vagina gives way and the bladder which is being supported fall downward into the hollow of the vaginal canal. Often these patients will suffer from frequency and urgency of urination as well as vagina pressure.  If the condition is very severe the patient will have difficulty emptying her bladder. Urethrocele - the ceiling of the vagina near the opening of the vagina gives way and the urethra sags.  Often these patients will suffer from cough urine leakage ( aka stress urinary incontinence) Rectocele - the floor of the vagina gives way and the rectum pushes upward into the vaginal canal producing a bulge pushing towards or out of the the opening of the vagina.  Often patients will complain of difficulty emptying their rectum of stool. Urethrocele means there is a lack of support of the urethra and often (but not always) these patients will leak with coughing  and sneezing. Urogynecologist have been trained to treat the anatomy of the vagina to support each of these structure as well as consider the function of urination and defecation as they perform surgery. Often this surgery needs to be accomplished laparoscopically i.e. small incisions through the abdominal wall.   However most urogynecologist have not been trained in the concept of cosmetic vaginal surgery or  vaginal rejuvenation . You certainly would benefit from a thorough evaluation by a urogynecologist or a pelvic floor surgeon/gynecologist.  But you would probably want to choose someone who is also trained or has expertise in vaginal rejuvenation.  So I caution you to choose a surgeon wisely............choose a surgeon who can accomplish both of your needs: 1) restoring friction during intercourse and   2)  decreasing the pressure  inside of the vagina ( which maybe best accomplished by restoring the supportive anatomy of the vagina and NOT JUST TIGHTENING the vaginal opening.  Choose a surgeon who is specialized in urogynecology or vaginal floor reconstruction and cosmetic vaginal surgery.  Please see both sections of my website to get a full understanding and the different between cosmetic vaginal surgery and vaginal reconstruction.  Remember your choice of surgeon should be based upon: experience, expertise, reputation and results and do not solely focus on location, convenience and cost. John R Miklos MD 
Urogynecologist  & Cosmetic Vaginal Surgeon
Atlanta ~ Beverly Hills ~ Duba

What to do with a fist sized vagina?

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You have more than vaginal laxity. You have damaged pelvic supports and will require pelvic reconstruction in addition to vaginoplasty to achieve any degree of suitable vaginal tightening. A consultation and pelvic examination will be necessary to evaluate the extent of damage including possible muscular nerve damage. Rest assured that your vagina can be fixed in expert hands.


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Thank you for posting your question.  From your description, you sound like the perfect candidate for a vaginoplasty or "vaginal rejuvenation" procedure.  I would recommend that you also see a gynecologist in order to determine if you have lost pelvic support, as you may have some findings that would warrant surgical correction and be covered by insurance.  A strictly "cosmetic" vaginoplasty is usually not going to be covered.  (By "cosmetic," I mean, a procedure done purely for reasons of improving sex - insurance does not see that as necessary, as opposed to things like uterine prolapse, cystocele, or rectocele - all manifestations of loss of pelvic support.)  If you want "one-stop shopping," then I would recommend seeking out a gynecologist who also does cosmetic gynecology and pelvic reconstructive surgery; otherwise, see your Ob-Gyn to address pelvic support and then a plastic or cosmetic surgeon who has plenty of experience doing vaginoplasty procedures. 

Vaginall Reconstructive surgery

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Thank yo for sharing.   I would first highly recommend a detailed physical examination by a gynecologist or uno gynecologist to evaluate for pelvic floor prolapse.  Based on the very brief description you provided, it sounds like there may be more needed then just a vaginal tightening but issues of prolapse then will need to be addressed.Best of luck.

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