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I had WLS (Weight Loss Surgery) years ago and am looking to address several areas at once (including neck/chin) and remove as high a volume as is safe at once.

Would Smart Lipo or other such newer technologies be better for removing as much fat as possibible in multiple areas? Any good referrals for high volume, traditional Liposuction? Another concern is that I would like to do fat grafting to the lips at the same time... is this possible? Thanks!

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Dermolipectomy NOT liposuction after massive weight loss

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If the WLS was successful in reducing your weight down to an ideal level, you would most likely achieve greater benefits from dermolipectomy (skin and fat removal) procedures rather than liposuction.

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Surgery for massive weight loss

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If you had successful massive weight loss after WLS, almost certainly, you will need body contouring surgery excising the extra skin. This is totally different from liposuction which would only play a minor role in your care. Once the skin elasticity has been lost by obesity, there is no form of liposuctiuon that will make the skin shrink well enough for liposuction alone to work.

This has become a new subspecialty of plastic surgery because it requires special experience to minimize the higher potential for complications in this group of patients. Make sure to find a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon with a great deal of experience and see what the best plan is for you.

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