Can laser resurfacing (the deep kind) get rid of or diminish "orange peel" skin?

I mainly have the orange peel effect on the forehead, fronts of cheeks & chin. I always thought of it as scarring from acne, but lately read about the "orange peel" effect, & think it's more that than scarring, altho' I know it's mostly due to picking at the acne when I was an adolescent'

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Laser Skin Resurfacing Treatments

Thank you for your question, mattiesmama. Laser skin resurfacing can treat scarring related to acne and areas of uneven skin pigmentation that emerge in congruence or in isolation from acne scarring. Please consult with a board certified facial plastic surgeon to ensure you receive the highest quality knowledge, skill, treatment and care available.

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Lasers for " orange peel" skin

 Thank you for asking the question. Multiple lasers are on the market which might help your problem. I like the erbium laser, because it is highly effective with minimal risks of complications. It can be used in conjunction with non-ablative lasers or microneedling for best results. Find an experienced surgeon with all these various modalities to give you the best results. Good luck,

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Laser Resurfacing Results

I suggest a formal consult to see what lasers might be best.  I find that non ablative lasers usually work better that ablative for this specific condition.  Best, Dr. Emer.

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Can laser resurfacing (the deep kind) get rid of or diminish "orange peel" skin?

This may be very reasonable in this situation.

Kenneth Hughes, MD

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