I got liposuction in November with a mini tuck and a Brazilian butt lift; is this bloating normal?

My problem has always been gaining weight from the abdominal area. Now 8 months later. I haven't gained much weight but why does my abdominal area looks bloated and fat again. I mean i didn't do this to loose weight but for my butt lift. Other area.i feel fat is depositing is my chin face area. Is this normal???? Or what is recommended to help reduce this weight gain.

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Bloating after liposuction

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Generally, it is unusual to have bloating many months after the surgery, but it is not uncommon to have puffiness over the pubic area for a long time.  Typically, anyone who had tummy tuck tends to lose weight after surgery, which tends to help improve the body contour.  However, if you gain weight, often you will notice more fat in the other areas.  I recommend to see your plastic surgeon for follow up.
Alex Kim, MD

Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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