Can a fractured tooth be bonded/strengthened so it can be recapped rather than pulling it and doing an implant? (Photo)

I have 10 year-old caps on my two front teeth - two root canals above my right tooth, done many yrs ago. X-ray shows right tooth may be fractured, with significant bone loss. If fracture is confirmed, after my caps are removed, an implant, bone grafting and gingival augmentation is recommended - left tooth would be capped. The $8,000 insurance won't cover is a concern but, more so, major oral surgery and recovery time. Are there any more conservative options for this scenario? Thank you.

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Root Fracture and Options

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When there is significant bone loss, I assume that the fractured tooth has a vertical root fracture and the best option is removal and replacement. I think implants are great and the best way to go. Having said that alternatives include removable prosthesis, which I would highly discourage or a fixed bridge. The bridge would require the reduction of what I assume to be a perfectly good tooth and I am sure that this is of concern to your dentist as well. The bridge option is faster and the only surgery would be the extraction of the fractured tooth and socket preservation bone grafting. As I stated earlier, of all the options, the implant when placed properly and restored properly is ideal long term. Most importantly, have a frank discussion about your concerns with your dentist. Good luck!

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