Which FFS procedures would be most effective for me? (Photo)

I am going to get facial feminization surgery done and would like to know what you folks think would be the most effective procedures for me to get done! I am looking to spend 15,000$ tops.

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Facial Feminization Surgery

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With your budget you will want to definitely prioritize your forehead. As others mentioned before me this involves lowering the hairline, raising the eyebrows, and setting the bone in your forehead back. Your upper lip looks really good, and I can see your upper teeth when you open your mouth. You may want to consider making your nose smaller, but I would have this very low on the priority list. Behind forehead surgery, you should consider cheek implants and narrowing your jaw depending on pricing. The most experienced surgeon I know of close to you is Dr. Andrew Kleinberger at Kaiser outside of San Francisco.

Good luck!

Sarah Saxon, MD

Dallas Facial Plastic Surgeon

Best bang for your buck.

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The brow ridge has been show in studies to be one of the most powerful determinants of our perception of gender, and reducing yours would be good place to start.  At the same time your hairline can also be adjusted if you would like it lowered (tough to see with your current hairstyle).  A more feminine nose would also make a big difference to your face, but only if you are also going to have your forehead adjusted.  If you don't adjust your forehead but make your nose smaller, your forehead will appear more prominent.  Softening your jaw line would make your face more feminine, but if the price of the procedure is getting out of your range consider adding volume to the front of your cheek instead.  This will help to balance out the jaw and will likely be much cheaper.  A face to face discussion with your surgeon will help you decide which procedures are the best value for you. Good luck on this exciting journey.  Bryan Rolfes, MD

Bryan Rolfes, MD
Minneapolis Otolaryngologist
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Facial feminization with forehead lift, rhinoplasty, etc.

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We developed a procedure to raise your male brows while lowering your hairline and removing the brow bones (male) excess you have. This is done with the Irregular Trichophytic incision that has hair growing thru it so no visible scar. Also a rhinoplasty to give a more feminine and attractive female appearance is very feminizing. See an experienced TG surgeon who can show you many examples of his results with TG patients. Look at my website and other surgeons to see the results you can expect.

Toby Mayer, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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