Can I get a Facelift Revision and a Breast Lift/Reduction at the same time?

Hi there. I am wanting a facelift revision and a breast lift/reduction. Is it fairly common/doable to have these two procedures at the same time?

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Secondary facelift combined with breast reduction surgery?

Both procedures can be done under one anesthetic however the extent of the needed procedures would be important in my making a determination of safety.  I prefer to avoid anesthesias of over six hours and most breast reductions require 2-3 hours.  Facelifts can vary from 2 hours for a facelift alone, to 4-5 hours for facelift, blepharoplasty, browlift and necklift with fat grafts.  Remember that safety should be paramount even though one anesthesia, one recovery and lesser expense may be appealing.  Discuss your choice carefully with an ABPS Bd Certified plastic surgeon before making a decision. Regards and good luck.

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Differing opinions

From the other answers here it's clear there's some difference in opinions on this.  Some facelift revisions are fairly quick and straightforward, while others may take longer to do.  The same goes for breast lift/reduction.  I have combined breast and facial procedures safely but if there is any doubt in my mind based on the anticipated length of the operation, the patient's medical history, or other factors I may recommend two operations rather than one.  See a board certified plastic surgeon for a consultation and discussion on how you can proceed safely and get the best result from both procedures. 

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Simultaneous face/body surgery

It is very possible and quite common to combine face and body procedures.  This helps save on recovery time and cost.  Safety is not an issue as long as you are healthy and the total time does not exceed 7 hours.

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Time and patient safety

Thanks for the great question. Although it is certainly possible to do both a revision facelift and breast lift/reduction at the same time, doing them together may not be the safest thing for you. There is a lot of research demonstrating that it is best to try and keep procedures to less than four hours. This helps to decrease infection and complication rates. So although it is possible to perform both procedures together, it would be difficult to do both in under four hours. I hope this helps and best of luck!

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