Breast revision and lift which caused extreme abdominal swelling and extremely swollen bruised vulva. Normal?

I had my revision on a Thursday and was rushed back into surgery the following Tuesday because I developed a very painful hematoma in my left implant. My pain began over the weekend. I noticed my left implant swelling and the pain was terrible. Also, my abdomen and vulva were extremely swollen. Tuesday morning my labia/entire vulva were swollen and black and blue! My surgeon said possibly a blood vessel was hit when I got my cath? It's very uncomfortable. Should I see my OBGYN? I'm miserable.

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Migration of blood

can cause the bruising and swelling down there.  If its not progressive, you can use warm compresses to help it resolve faster and your surgeon can certainly provide more reassurances you may need.  Unless your catheterization was difficult, I've never heard of a foley causing bruising of genitals in my entire career.  Time is what is needed for you to heal.

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A hematoma can definitely cause swelling and bruising in the area it was in.  The lower abdomen and genitals are so remote from that site.  If it is not resolving, I would see an OB/GYN.  

Tyler C. Street, MD
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