Breast lift plus upper fullness options for me? Fat transfer or implants or ultimate breast lift? I am a 32D. (photos)

When I get a BL I won't have the upper pole fullness that I want. I want my breasts to look natural. Implants need to be replaced later in life and complications like rippling or ruptures can occur. A fat transfer to the breasts seems reasonable since I want to stay about the same size (32D). Would a fat transfer work at my size to add upper pole fullness? Also, I don't want any scars to be seen if I wear a bathing suit. Would an anchor scar visible in my cleavage area? Refer to wish pics.

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Breast lift plus upper fullness options for me?

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To truly get the best answer the breasts need to be examined and manipulated. It appears as though you may have enough breast to allow for a mastopexy alone and with adequate skin re-draping and breast reshaping you may get very close to what you want. If this falls short, then some fat grafting may be exactly what is needed to add the fullness you want.
Good Luck

Stephen M. Davis, MD, FACS
Green Hills Plastic Surgery

Which op for superior fullness

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the only way for you to get the look you are looking for is an augment/mastopexy with a modest size implant

David J. Goodkind, MD
New Haven Plastic Surgeon

Breast lift with implants

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The photos you like have a lot of upper pole fullness, which is very difficult to achieve without an implant.

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Probable good result with mastopexy only.

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 I think you'd get a good result with a mastopexy alone. Seem to have adequate breast going to achieve the goals put forth in the accompanying pictures. Any secondary volume enhancement by way of the implant or fat grafting could be done secondarily. However I don't think as going to be necessary.

Fat grafting and mastopexy

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Fat grafting to the upper breast during mastopexy is a common procedure in my practice.  It is a good way to improved upper breast fullness in a modest, natural appearing way.

Best wishes, 

Dr. Connall

Timothy Connall, MD
Portland Plastic Surgeon

Breast lift plus upper fullness options for me? Fat transfer or implants or ultimate breast lift? I am a 32D.

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I answered this question yesterday. I personally use a vertical lift, with no scars under the breast, cleavage or lateral chest wall. I did not do an anchor scar reduction/lift since 2000.See a board certified plastic surgeon for a consultation. Good luck.

Breast lift plus upper fullness options for me?

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I think you need to be more realistic. First of all, breasts the size you want do not naturally have the upper pole fullness you are after and you say you want a natural look. Secondly, once the tissues have been altered from the youthful firm tissue to the loss of elasticity and support we see in your photos, it is not at all realistic to expect the degree of upper ole fullness you want without a bra since your tissues do not now, and will not later, support that weight. We do not have the ability to give back the lost elasticity, and adding weight with an implants may make it worse. But, the good news is you can get dramatic improvement including an increase of the upper pole fullness over your current state with just a good lift.

Ronald V. DeMars, MD
Portland Plastic Surgeon
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