Can breast be fixed after bad result? (Photo)

BMX, tissue implants ... Implants in ... Not equal ☹️ Are these fixable? See photo

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Can breast be fixed after bad result?

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Thank you for your question. From the picture, it is rather hard to tell exactly what is going on. And as for fixing them, that would depend on what exactly is going on, what your exam is like, and what your goals are. Without an in-person exam, I cannot offer you a plan for revision, but it looks as though you are likely going to need a removal of the prior implant (+/- capsulectomy) with implant replacement and possible mastopexy. You may also need addition of ADM or a similar product to contour the implant or help soft tissue reinforcement. Reach out to a local board certified plastic surgeon to discuss your concerns and your goals and formulate a plan to improve your results.Best of luck!


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Hi, thank you for your question.  It is a little difficult to tell exactly what's going on from this single photograph and without additional history, but it appears you have some size as well as shape asymmetry.  If your breasts are soft, left implant may be malpositioned; if either breast is firm, capsular contracture could be the cause.  I advise you to seek a consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon.  And yes, either can likely be fixed.   Best of luck!

Roderick M. Urbaniak, MD
Clearwater Plastic Surgeon

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