Am I bottoming out? 1 year post op lift with implant. (photos)

I had a lollipop lift with implants last summer. I am always wear bra and sports bra at night, but over last 6 months I have noticed gradual sagging. I can feel ripples of implant under both breasts and visually on sides when leaning over. I can't help but think I am bottom out as I have no upper pole and implants sitting very low. 300 cc right 275 left silicone gel under muscle.

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Am I bottoming out?

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Although it's really hard to know without any before photos, it looks as if you might be either bottoming out on the left side or experiencing some lower pole stretch.  In my practice, I do fewer lollipop scars than I do the full anchor (with the incision underneath) because I personally think that the distance from the nipple to the fold should be shorter to create a more youthful appearance and because this type of lift seems to last much longer.  

I would talk to your Plastic Surgeon and get their feedback!

I hope that helps and wish you the very best!

~Gregory A Buford MD FACS

Am I bottoming out 1 year post op lift with implant?

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Thank you very much for your question and photographs.  Based on your photographs it appears that you have lost upper  pole fullness which you mention rather, than true bottoming out of your breast implant.  However the left side distance from the areola to your inframammary crease may be a bit larger than the right side.

The result that you see is due to stretching of your skin from the weight of the implant.

If you want more upper pole fullness which I certainly understand a revision may be necessary.

Further lifting of the breast is possible but  the use of a supportive sling of acellular dermis to help maintain a higher position for the breast implant  should also be done if revision is decided upon.

Please consult your plastic surgeon and explain what you hope to achieve carefully.  Even with the measures listed above there is the possibility that recurrent stretching of the breast and dropping of the implant may occur.

Good luck.

Am I bottoming out? 1 year post op lift with implant.

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You are not bottoming out based on these photos. You do have some asymmetry, the right is smaller and sitting lower on the chest wall. Without preoperative photos, I'm guessing that you have low lying breasts, and even though you can get some fullness in the superior pole with implants, the breasts tend to settle where their "foot print" is on the chest wall. You have thin tissues (ripples), tissue matrix, like Strattice, would've been beneficial during your lift/augmentation. It is possible that your tissues will continue to thin out and stretch over time, and it will reach a point when a revision would improve your breast aesthetics. Discuss your concerns with your plastic surgeon. Good luck.

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