9 days post-op labiaplasty vaginoplasty. Suffering, itchy, can't keep my hands off. Hemorrhoids formed (Photo)

I am TORTURED by itchy healing & I'm reading contradictory advice. My Dr. says a Sitz bath helps, but another says no baths. How long can I stay in the bath? I've read @ Benadryl (I assume topical), neosporin, blow drying the area. I apply pressure w/ my hands over my panties & pad. I don't think it's a good idea, but I'm suffering. My Dr. said to apply a warm, wet washcloth several times a day, but could I use a heating pad? Has anybody else developed hemorrhoids immediately after the surgery?

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Itching and discomfort post labiaplasty

Thank you for sharing.  This is something that often comes up during the recovery phase.This is what we normally recommend to our patients.1- keep the area clean and use a water squirt bottle to cleanse the area especiallyafter using the restroom.2- when at home, wear comfortable clothing to the area.3- Sitz bath is not a bad idea4- Either Benadryl or Hydroxyzine for the itching5- Bacitracin or neosporin to the area 2x/day

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Best to follow your doctors instructions

It's tough to change quarterbacks after you've gone with the first doc. I will say that the trim method leaves a lot more discomfort, so I only perform the wedge.
For the perineoplasty, it's common to have swelling in the peri-anal area. Benadryl, Vaseline, ice on and off, time.

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Postoperative labiaplasty/vaginoplasty itching

You have received good information here.  Overall it looks like you have some swelling that may be more than average for nine days but does not indicate anything worrisome.  Go with the advice from your doctor, and I agree with him that sitz baths are reasonable.  You don't have to stay in the bath very long to get relief.  I am not in favor of a heating pad, and his suggestion to use a warm washcloth is much better.  

Regarding the hemorrhoids, if you had them before, you will see them more swollen after this procedure.  However, if you did not have them before, than what you are seeing is most likely just swelling from the surgery itself and it will eventually subside.  A high-fiber diet and getting off the narcotic pain medication as soon as you can will help there.  

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Crazy itching & hemorrhoid after labiaplasty & perineoplasty- what to do??

Here is "what to do.."
1. ITCHING after labial and perineal surgery- Use aquaphor gel gently applied to the stitched 3X/day to keep hydrated. Spray with Dermaplast spray (OTC @ drugstores) for minor itching. Have your doc Rx "hydroxyzine" tablets 25 mg- take 2-3X/day for more intense itching.
2. Hemorrhoids are common after labial surgery, especially after a perineal repair. Usually, sitz baths are great, but not right after labiaplasty, unless you can soak your butt-hole without soaking your LP stitches. Also, with your surgeon's OK, buy an OTC hemorrhoidal cream or suppository WITH HYDROCORTISONE and use 2-3 X/day. Time in the "knee-chest" position will also help "roids..."

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9 days post op labiaplasty

Thank you for sharing your question and photographs.  I am sorry to hear of your itching and I would recommend a number of treatment options.  Maintain your incisions well moisturized with an ointment such as Aquaphor, use oral Benadryl to improve the itching, and be vigilant for any symptoms of a yeast infection that may require anti fungal therapy.  You may want to ask your surgeon if they would allow a topical steroid cream as well.  I would, however, avoid a heating pad so as not to possibly injure the tissues that may not be able to sense the heat.  Hope this helps. 

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Itching after labiaplasty and vaginoplasty

Steroids are the most effective agents for healing, but they are bad for the healing process. A light layer of aquaphor might help. Benadryl works equally by mouth. Sitz baths will worsen swelling and weaken your stitches. Applying pressure is bad for healing. You don't have hemorrhoids, just swelling from the vaginal sutures.

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