533cc Natrelle silicone implants. Is this my final result? (Photo)

I am 3 months post op I had 533cc natrelle silicone implants placed. Is this my final result? I am disappointed with the spacing between my breasts and I'm hoping that with a couple of months I will have less of a gap.

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Your Gap Couldn't get Tighter

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Your implants are probably one finger breadth apart, and your pre-sternal skin looks like its about to raise, which would give you symmastia. This is not your final result, and your breasts will continue to drop and fluff for another 3 to 6 months.
Best of luck.


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Hi Jvazkez,

Thank you for your photos and questions. The area between the breast actually looks very nice. Sometimes, if the breast implants are placed under the muscle the cleavage area may be wider than if the implants are placed above the muscle. If your implants are under the muscle, your surgeon took the appropriate steps so that thae space is not excessively wide. Your breast will continue to soften over the next few months so that in push up bra you will have a very natural appealing cleavage.

Is this my final result

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Thank you for your recent photos and question!  At this point with being 3 months post surgery your results are as good as they will get.  It appears in your photos that your surgeon did a great job.  Best of Luck!

3 months post op

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Thank you for your question. You appear to have a great result so far. The breasts will not likely get closer, but the cleavage will soften and become more natural looking as the breasts soften and settle.

All the best 

Spacing between breasts

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I am sorry to hear you are disappointed with your results. The small space between your breasts is due to the width of your sternum (chest bone). The width of this space is dictated by your individual anatomy- in some people it is wide and in others narrow. If your implants were placed any closer together you would have a condition called symmastia, where the skin is no longer attached to the sternum and there is no separation at all between the breasts (some people call this "uniboob"). Your implants will continue to drop and soften somewhat over the next several months, but for what it's worth I think your results are beautiful. Best wishes, Dr. Meghan Nadeau, Seattle, WA

Meghan Nadeau, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

You're as close as it gets!

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You can't possibly get any closer in your body without getting a unibreast (symmastia) which you almost have now. You are seeing the final result and it looks like your doctor did a great job for you. Remember that each person't starting point and body dictate what you can do and that you can't get the same result as in someone else. It just doesn't work that way.

3 months result

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You look great at 3 months.  However, there is more softness and subtle improvements to be expected over the next several months still.  As far as the cleavage - the gap is not bad and likely represents your inter-breast distance before surgery and is your anatomy.  To place the implants closer is likely not possible without creating a uniboob which you'd certainly not like.  

I think when things get softer the interprets distance won't be as concerning and may help.  Be patient and also be reassured that you look to have a very good result.  Best wishes.


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Thanks for the question and photos.  At 3 months you still are not completely healed.  That being said, you already have a nice result and I don't believe your cleavage could be any closer without disrupting the muscle and causing synmastia (uniboob).  Over time, your breasts will likely feel less "bolted on" and this may help with your concerns.  The only way it appears you could get more cleavage is with a bigger implant.  Hope that helps!

Spacing between breasts after implants

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Looking at your photos, I believe you have a beautiful result that is right for your anatomy. At three months post op, you may see a bit more settling, but it is unlikely that the space between will be any smaller. With that being said, your surgeon did avoid symmastia which is extremely difficult to correct. I recommend you talk with your plastic surgeon about your concerns so that he/she can guide you. But I would not recommend upsetting what looks to be a very wonderful outcome.

Concerns after breast augmentation?

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Based on your photographs, I think that you have achieved a very nice outcome.  "Closer cleavage" is not be possible without causing a problem, in my opinion. Best wishes.

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