Severe Abnormal Cells found in mole removals. Any suggestions?

I was told today that I had severe abnormal cells found in mole removals. They are scheduling a surgery to take out more of my skin and get deeper level of skin to make sure all cells are removed. The lady said that they weren't diagnosing me with cancer yet. But are abnormal cells cancerous? Or just abnormal? Should I expect to get a call after the results of my surgery saying that I have cancer?

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Abnormal moles

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Thank you for your question. Abnormal cells found with biopsies of moles indicate exactly that, abnormal cells. When they are severely abnormal or atypical, then it is recommended to remove the mole completely because if the mole is left alone, there is a risk of the mole becoming malignant, aka cancerous. I highly recommend you consult with your physician who is going to perform the surgery regarding your questions and concerns. Take care and good luck.

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