1 months post op of Breast Augmentation, my nipples are different size and huge. Is this hard to fix? (photos)

It's been 1 month since my BA. My nipples are completely different sizes and huge. My right breast is saggy. I'm so depressed with my results. Can any local Drs help me? Is this a hard fix? When is the earliest I can go under the knife again?

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1 months post op of Breast Augmentation, my nipples are different size and huge. Is this hard to fix? (

Please call my or any other boarded PS in Florida. Close to Port St Lucie is Dr Lawrence Korpeck in Boca Raton.. I would revise to N/A and maybe re3commend increased implant volume at 3 months postop...

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Post breast augmentation

You are still early in the healing process after breast augmentation. I can easily take 3 months for your implants to look and feel like you want them to. As the implants continue to settle and drop, your breast shape will change. From this photo, it is difficult to tell what is happening with your nipples because of the steri strips you have on and a physical exam is necessary. Schedule an appointment with your plastic surgeon for his evaluation and advice. Good luck!

M. Dean Vistnes, MD
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They can be fixed!

It appears as you had a circumareolar or "Donut" mastopexy along with your augmentation.  I do see some asymmetry of areolar diameter as well as position in the picture you included.   YES, it can be fixed!  More than likely the two incisions need to be opened, more skin removed and re sutured to a symmetrical position and diameter, which is relatively simple.  There is a chance that the side with the lower areola would need to be converted to a vertical lift which would add a vertical scar below the areola on that breast but it's hard to say without benefit of an exam.  I would say the chances of that are somewhat low based on your photo alone.  Due to the inflammatory response during wound healing I would wait 6 months from your original surgery.  That will give you the best chance of having an acceptable scar once you heal from the second procedure.

Good luck to you!

G. Robert Meger, MD
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Areolar asymmetry

Thank you for your question and photo.
The short answer is yes, this can be revised.  It is wise to wait a minimum of 3 months to allow things to fully heal and settle.  The circumareolar or doughnut mastopexy tends to have the greatest risk for asymmetry.  Small revisions are sometimes necessary.  Do not stress too much as you are not in a totally unusual place.  Follow up with your surgeon and he or she can discuss what to do next.
Best of luck.

Brian C. Reuben, MD
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Uunequal post aug

I would give it a little more time.You can easily reduce the size of your nipples by doing a donut mastopexy.Let evrything settle and then go back to see your doctor.If your implants are the same size then you may just need soem adjusting to the size of your nipples.

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Different areolar sizes

Thank you for your picture. Results can be revised at three months. Most likely needs a lollipop lift with an areola reduction.  This will  decrease your areola size and breast shape.

Nipple areola asymmetry after lift and augmentationmay require a minor revision after 3 months

Thank you for your question.  I'm sorry that you're distressed by the asymmetry of your nipple areola.  After 3 months a simple areola reduction may be done on the larger side.

Not satisfied with breast and areolar shape after surgery

A satisfactory result from any cosmetic procedure is matching the right operation to the right patient.  We do not have your pre-operative photos so it is difficult to understand your beginning anatomy and asymmetries.  A peri-areolar breast lift has the highest degree of patient dissatisfaction, in my opinion.  It often results in a widened and over stretched areola with a flatten of the conical shape of the breast.   Most patients will get a much better result with a vertical mastopexy.  The vertical scar takes some of the pressure off of the areola and keeps it from enlarging.  So plastic surgeons have tried using a surgical mesh to hold the shape of the areola but results are still early.  You are early in the recovery process.  Once your have healed it is possible that a revision may be indicated.  Allow things to settle down for at least 4 - 6 months.  

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
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