Any suggestions for botch Liposuction?

Than You for taking my question I really appreciate it. I had lipo a year ago and I am still experiencing pocket of blood in my abdominal area. I am constantly going back to the surgeon hae would drain the blood but it return the very next day. My primary doctor is very concerned and so am I. What should I do? PLEASE, PLEASE HELP ME!!!

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Any suggestions for botch Liposuction?

Hi. The condition is called a seroma and it happens occasionally with liposuction. After a year and recurrence, it may be wise to pace a drain. Sometimes certain meds may need to be placed into the pocket of fluid collection to help collapse the area. Good luck, Dr PG

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Treatment for Fluid Accumulation after Liposuction

Rarely, fluid collects in the space where fat was suctioned out, and this is called a seroma.  There can also be some blood in this fluid.  When a chronic seroma keeps coming back months after surgery, then usually the space in which the fluid collects has formed a lining, essentially a sack, and the cells lining this sac keep producing the fluid.  Treatment options include inserting a drain into the space to allow continual drainage over several days to a few weeks which allows the sac to close up on itself, injecting a drug into the space to causing inflammation and scarring which also causes the sac to close up, or to remove the entire sac with its lining in a minor surgery performed under local anesthesia.  Good luck.

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Recurrent fluid following lip

Fluid accumulation in an area after lipocontouring is a very common occurrence.  For the fluid to be recurring this long after the procedure is not, however.  With the fluid returning like this it may be necessary to insert a little plastic drain into the area which will keep the fluid drained off constantly, keeping it from coming back and allowing the pocket to seal closed.  The drain is easily managed but may have to be kept in place for a couple of weeks to make certain that it does its job.  If that type of treatment does not resolve the problem then a more direct answer would be to make a small incision, "roughen" the pocket and allow it to "stick closed."

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Hello dear, thanks for your question and provided information. I recommend you to get a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon who has experience in that area that bothers you the most, also, I think that you may be having a pocket that needs to be drained

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Pocket one year post op

I suspect you have a bursa there or a pocket with a lining that may need to beopend and drained and removed.It could be a simple outpatient procedure under local.

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You are likely experiencing a seroma.  These typically resolve after multiple aspirations.  One other option is to add a drain in the area.  One other option is to sclerose the seroma cavity.  These are not rare to occur after large liposuctions and they typically resolve but may require much patience. 

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Persistant seroma

I completely agree with all the doctors statements below.

There are no proven benefits to laser lipo other than revenue for the surgeon.

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Persistent seroma after liposuction.

By now this fluid should have quit accumulating. I'm guessing that you had laser or ultrasonically assisted liposuction. If serial treatment of the seroma does not work, which is very rare, the pseudo-capsule might need to be surgically removed.

Vincent N. Zubowicz, MD
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Not Botched liposuction but a persistent Seroma

A little more history would be helpful.  Was this tumescent liposuction or did you have Vaser or laser liposuction as these have a slightly higher incidence of seromas.  Seroma is not indicative of botched lipo but a complication that can occur in anyone's hands.  If after repeated aspirations there is no resolution the treatment is usually surgical and to go in an remove the seroma.  Speak to your surgeon and if you feel you are still not getting the help you need by all means then seek a second opinion possibly someone your primary care could recommend.  Good luck, Dr. Schuster in Boca Raton

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Botched liposuction

persistent drainage 1 year after a liposuction may need additional surgery to fix. get another opinion

Jason Pozner, MD
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