Post op bras? Yes or no?

My surgeon told me not to wear a bra for at least 30 days after my surgery, and then I can wear whatever I like. But I keep seeing posts about post op bras and what to get. Should I be concerned?

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Bra after breasts augmentation

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Dear Kristen,
 Congratulation on your decision to have breasts augmentation. That will be one of the best investments in yourself. It will improve your self esteem, confidence and will make shopping much more fun.
   In regard to your bra question,  if you like your surgeon's breasts augmentation results, follow his or her's advise. 
 I agree with your surgeon. It makes a lot of sense. My patients do not wear a bra for one month after surgery, in order to allow gravity to help the implants to settle into place. 
 At bed time , however, my patients do wear the bra, to support the implants and prevent them from sliding laterally, under the arm pit.
  I hope this helps.
                   Best of luck,
                                  Dr Widder

Post op bras? Yes or no?

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Each surgeon has their own post operative protcols. It is best you listen to your chosen surgeon. Best of luck, 


Bra Support Post Op

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Thank you for your question. You will certainly read about different approaches to post op supports/restrictions. Plastics Surgeons tend to have their own preferred protocols. I provide my patients with a soft, supportive, wire-free surgical bra to wear for 8 weeks after surgery. After 2 months they can wear whatever bras they like.

I recommend that you ask your Plastic Surgeon what they feel is best for you and follow their instructions.

All the best


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Many surgeons do not have patients wear a bra after surgery. I prefer that they wear a loose fitting sports bra for comfort only.

To wear, or not to wear, a bra after surgery.

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There are many different opinions about bras after surgery.  Since your bra provides comfort, support, and modesty, the use of a post-op bra is recommended to our patients. 

After surgery (early on),  a sports bra can provide for your needs.  Thereafter, we now strongly suggest the placement of a properly fitting bra to stabilize your breasts' position on the chest wall.  Part of our usual post-operative care includes careful guidance and checking of your bra's fit.

Best Regards,

Douglas J. Raskin, MD
Colorado Springs Plastic Surgeon
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Post op breast augmentation bras? Yes or no?

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It is really up to your surgeon's decision as to whether you should wear a bra after breast augmentation or not.  Personally I placed my patients and a bra at the time of operation however I see my patient's day 1 after surgery and if they are comfortable not wearing the bra and I encouraged him not to do so.  My reasoning is that normal motion of the implant is good and restricting implant movement while a normal capsule is forming around the implant could limit the size of the capsule that forms.

However many if not most patients feel more comfortable with the support of a bra and I encouraged them to wear their bra.

In the end I do not think it makes a difference and it is best to follow your surgeon's advice.

Always follow your surgeon's instructions

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I really can not see a reason why you can't wear some type of support bras but every surgeon's has their own opinion.
Best Wishes,
Nana Mizuguchi, MD

Post operative bra

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It really depends on what surgery your surgeon did and she/he may have very good reasons for why she/he wants your in or out of a bra. If you are not sure what to do schedule an appointment or call the surgeons office. Best, MMT

Post Op Bras

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You should not be concerned.  I would advise that you follow your doctors recommendations and not be swayed by others opinions.  Different surgeons approach the same surgery differently and they know what works best for their patients in the post operative period.  Many doctors will have patients hold off on wearing a bra following surgery while the body is still healing to avoid stress on the incisions.  This is because often times the bras can irritate the incisions (if it is below the breast) causing itching and the possibility of increased scar formation.   Be sure that you are seeing a surgeon that is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

Follow your surgeons instructions

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This is definitely a question I would ask you plastic surgeon as everyone has a different opinion and a reason for that opinion. How you heal in the first several weeks can also impact the decisions. Check with you plastic surgeon for specifics.

Dean Vistnes, M.D.
Vistnes Plastic Surgery
San Francisco Bay Area

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